Mississippi Natural Law Party Names Presidential Candidate

Remember the Natural Law Party? It ran Dr. John Hagelin of Iowa for president in 1992, 1996, and 2000. In 2000, Hagelin also competed unsuccessfully with Pat Buchanan for the Reform Party’s nomination, since the RP nominee was entitled to some federal cash as a result of Ross Perot’s 1996 presidential run.

Today Hagelin heads something called the U. S. Peace Government. The Natural Law Party has ceased to exist at the national level, and the NLP remains ballot-qualified in only two states– Mississippi and Michigan. Several weeks ago, someone from Florida e-mailed me in search of the contact information for the NLP’s state chairman, with which I provided him. I now know why he needed that info: Brian Moore, the presidential nominee of the Socialist Party[1], was seeking the Mississippi ballot line of the NLP, which he received on August 21. According to Ballot Access News, “The nominating convention was conducted by the party’s long-time state chair [who lives in Ocean Springs] via telephone with the other members of the party’s state [executive] committee.”

So that’s one more choice that Magnolia State voters will have for president on November 4. Whatever votes Moore gets here will surely come out of Senator Obamanation’s hide.

The Natural Law Party of Michigan, on the other hand, has nominated electors pledged to Ralph Nader for president (Nader will be on the Mississippi ballot as an independent).


[1] The Socialist Party is not registered in Mississippi. Moore’s other option for ballot access here was to qualify as an independent.

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