Louisiana Challenged For Dropping Voters From Rolls

According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, an outfit called Project Vote is trying to intimidate Louisiana into allowing people who are also registered in other states to vote in the Bayou State:

“Estelle Rogers, an attorney working with Project Vote, said she has placed the state on legal notice of the alleged violation, a first step toward a possible lawsuit. Project Vote is a national nonprofit organization that promotes voting in low-income and minority communities.”

Rogers also claims, “‘”Using only (a) full name and date of birth… causes many false matches, particularly when the name is a common one… .'”

So Ms. Rogers would apparently have us believe that there are cases of more than one person having the exact same name and date of birth. What are the chances of that?

Guess what? Anyone registered in both Louisiana and another state will still be able to vote in Louisiana in this year’s elections. From the next-to-last paragraph: “[State commissioner of elections Angie] LaPlace said no voters will be dropped from the rolls until December, weeks after the Nov. 4 presidential race.”

Here in Mississippi, we worry about people voting in more than one county, but you have to wonder: How many people are voting in more than one state?

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